Oppenheimer Analysis - Radiance

from New Mexico

Found out today that Oppenheimer Mk II, OA’s follow-so to speak, is on tumblr. For those that might be interested. LINK

"I am become Death, destroyer of worlds. Destroyer of worlds."

Unholy - The Second Ring of Power


Mastiphal - Flames Of Fire Full Of Hatred

Listened to this last night, enjoyed it.

…Not sure why My Infinite Kingdom reminds me of this, actually. Maybe it’s the keyboards? I still love the really exciting timpani bit in the middle, haha.

My Infinite Kingdom - A Trial In Evil Domains

…Oddly addictive; despite sounding rather ridiculous at first listen, grew on me about halfway through. Kind of reminds me of (other Polish melodic BM band) Mastiphal, only sillier. By ‘sillier’, of course, I mean ‘more awesome’.

Black Widow - Hail Satan

The catchiest song about the Dark Lord you’re ever likely to find!

Cressida - Light In My Mind

Lyrics = story of my life at the moment, haha. :/

Incidentally, Cressida’s reunion gig in 2011 (I think?) was easily one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Hades - Hecate (Queen of Hades)

I’m technically homeless until next week, in and out of hostels and random generous friends’ houses. This has no bearing on the song I’ve just posted, but I just felt like mentioning it. Anyway, Hades’ ‘Alone Walkyng’ demo (and this in particular) has been in regular play since I discovered it. It’s not groundbreaking or anything, but it’s just done so incredibly well that I dare you not to love it too. Nice understated interplay between guitars.

Flotsam and Jetsam - Iron Tears

I literally have no idea where I’m going to live from next week, except that it’ll probably be in Dundee because that’s the closest city to me. FUN

Vitor Hublot - J’ai Perdu Mon Oiseau

Ruinebell - Charcoal Emptiness

Packing music.